Checking in with a new customer

This email could be part of your account management efforts. Your goal will be to make sure the customer knows how to use the product, is aware of any improvements or new features, and feels that you’re there to answer any questions.

Here are some subject line ideas to draw from:

Example 1: [Customer name], how do you find [Your service] so far?

Example 2: [Customer name], can we help you with anything?

Hi [Customer name],

Hope you’re well. I’m checking in to see if you have any questions or need any help with our product. We’ve added quite a few features lately and I know it might be difficult to keep track of all our releases. I’d be happy to show you the ropes and address any queries you may have.

As a reminder, here’s a {link} to our Knowledge Base where you can find more information about our product and company at any time.


[Your name]

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